Do you have a tree on or around your property that you want to get rid of? If so, the process isn’t always as simple as you might imagine. In days gone by any kind of tree removal would have been a simple case of taking your own tools to your own tree and getting on with it, often leaving behind a stump that never gets removed. However, there are a few rules and regulations in today’s society that you definitely need to be aware of. 

Luckily for you, the team here at All Area Tree Service have all of the information that you need in order to do things by the law. To help you out in this area, here is some important information about whether or not you need council permission for tree removal on the Central Coast.

  • The simple answer of whether you need permission, is, well, maybe! Depending on the location, age and prominence of the tree in question, it might be the case that you are hampered by a tree preservation order.

  • If this is the case, and your tree is protected by a preservation order, then you will have to get the permission of your local council to do anything to it. And when we say anything, we even mean something as small scale as pruning back its branches!

  • You need to make sure that you know the status of your tree before you decide to start chopping it down, and the most sensible and easy way to do this is by getting in touch with your local council to enquire.

  • If you happen to start felling a tree that is discovered to be under a preservation order, you might run the risk of having to pay a fine, and depending on the circumstances, these fines can be fairly hefty.

  • In general, most garden trees will be completely fine to cut down and undertake any other type of pruning you wish, but it is always better to be safe than sorry!

If you pass all those guidelines and need the assistance of professional tree removal on the Central Coast, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. There will always be a trained and experienced member of the team available to talk with you about your specific situation, and once we know what you need, we can start to put together a quick and reasonable!