Garden maintenance is an ongoing task. Whether you enjoy doing it, or you consider it a chore, having an arborist on the Central Coast periodically maintain your garden is a great way to keep it immaculate and healthy. In this blog article, we go over how an arborist can keep your garden under control.


Removing trees is the primary service that an arborist offers. Unfortunately, trees can become hazardous. Whether it’s because of disease, location or storm damage—trees may need to be removed. Arborists have the skill and tools required to effectively and safely remove dangerous trees from a property.

These are some of the most common reasons a tree needs to be removed:

  • A hole in the trunk
  • Missing bark
  • Deep cracks along trunk
  • Trunk is leaning
  • Losing leaves (unseasonal)
  • Roots are rotting


Tree trimming is an important maintenance task for property owners. Not only does trimming trees ensure the branches don’t overhang or push against the property and/or powerlines, it’s an integral way of preventing pest and disease infestations. At All Area Tree Service, our qualified arborists will expertly trim trees so that they remain healthy, and do not become a falling hazard.  


Once trees are removed, they leave an unsightly stump in their place. Not only are stumps a trimming hazard, they can also harbour pests and diseases if left untreated. That’s where an arborist comes in. Using a high-quality stump grinder, an arborist will safely grind the stump down into mulch, which can then be used to fertilise your garden. Talk about two birds with one stone.


Hedges looking overgrown? Call in the experts at All Area Tree Service. Our skilled arborists trim hedges with precision in order to make them look neat, reduce the risk of pest and disease infestation, as well as allow the hedges to grow as intended. Hedge trimming is also an art. Whatever size and shape you require, talk to our arborists today. We’ll have those hedges looking the way you envision them.  

Keeping your garden in check is easy with the help of an arborist on the Central Coast. With the right tools, knowledge and lots of sunscreen, your garden with be a good-looking feature that you can enjoy all year round.

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