Hedging services on the Central Coast

Hedges are the classic way to give an outdoor area a touch of class. A beautifully trimmed hedge is the perfect finishing touch to a delightful garden. Hedges provide valuable privacy and can protect your garden from the elements.

Unfortunately, an untidy hedge can spoil the look of your entire property. We provide a range of hedging services to keep your hedges looking their very best, no matter how big or small.

Our team will trim, prune and shape hedges so they maintain their decorative look. You won’t have to lift a finger—just go outdoors and enjoy your freshly trimmed hedges. We are committed to providing quality service, and we can even make up a schedule to handle your hedge trimming on an ongoing schedule.
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Hedge Trimming — Tree Services on the Central Coast, NSW
Hedging Service — Tree Services on the Central Coast, NSW
In this busy world, many of us don't have much time to spend on our gardens. There's nothing worse than having a ragged hedge and telling yourself you'll get around to trimming it.

Not only that, but some hedges require a certain level of skill to trim effectively so that they maintain a proper shape. Whether you have basic or more elaborate hedges, our team can provide the hedging services you need to keep them looking their best all season long.

Even if your hedges haven’t been tended to in a while and have become unruly, we are here to tame them. We can rein in even the wildest of hedges and shrubs, as well as trees and palms to keep your entire yard or garden beautiful.
Effective hedge trimming is something of a fine art. An experienced hedge trimmer can give your hedge the perfect shape and finish, whether rounded or with squared corners. We work on hedges of all types, whether they are big or small, and no matter what species of hedge you are working with. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to come out and assess your hedges to determine what needs to be done to get them in tip-top shape.
Regular hedge cutting by garden professionals is also vital for managing the hedge and ensuring it grows as intended. Regular trimming keeps your hedges growing stronger and with greater vitality, so you are not only helping them look better, but you are also allowing them to become healthier over time. This will help them weather the hot Australian summers as well as the cooler weather months. Our goal is to help you make your garden or landscaping look its very best all year round.

Get in touch and we will come on out to offer a free quote on your hedging services anywhere on the Central Coast.


Q: How often should hedges be trimmed?
A: Some hedges naturally grow faster than others, so this will vary slightly from hedge to hedge. In general, evergreens that are slow growing may only need to be trimmed two or three times in a season. Others will need to be trimmed as often as every few weeks.
Q: Should I water my hedges?