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Residential Tree Care Services

Residential Tree Care Services

Residential tree care requires more than just tree removal/pruning of unwanted trees/palms and shrubs. Safety, property enhancement, security and long term landscaping plans are all important aspects to consider before removing trees from your property. Special care is given when removing trees to ensure that no other trees or structures on the property are not damaged. Our staff of skilled tree removal experts strive to guarantee your satisfaction with all work performed.

The process for removal can be done in many ways. Generally removal is done by hand using rigging systems, ropes, pulleys and a lowering device, called a friction drum. In using this technique, the tree is removed in a controlled manner. This should allow for minimal impact on the surrounding property, whilst providing a safe site for the crew to operate in.


Hedges are the classic way to give an outdoor area a touch of class. A beautifully trimmed hedge is the perfect finishing touch to a delightful garden. Hedges provide valuable privacy and can protect your garden from the elements.

Unfortunately, an untidy hedge can spoil the look of your entire property.

In this busy world many of us don't have much time to spend on our gardens. There's nothing worse than having a ragged hedge and telling yourself you'll get around to trimming it.

In fact, effective hedge trimming is something of a fine art. Experienced hedge trimmers can give your hedge the perfect shape and finish, whether rounded or with squared corners.

Regular hedge cutting by garden professionals is also vital for managing the hedge and ensuring it grows as intended.

Mulch Sales

Mulch is available to purchase sold by the cubic metre. Same as the nurseries just cheaper!!
All Area Tree Service can provide mulching from you garden by tree removal, wood chipping, tree pruning, tree lopping. This way you are just cleaning your garden up by removing waste and using it as a decoration to tidy up that garden! Mulch is ideal on your garden as it performs many useful functions including reduction of evaporation and prevent weed growth

Block / Landclearing / Firebreaks

Tree removal, stump grinding or even tree lopping on the Central Coast can be hard to find. But All Area Tree Service also carryout  land / block clearing. For example when a new block of land is purchased and you need tree removal or land cleared to build your new home, we provide this. We also offer full stump removal and block scrape and clean.

Wood Chipping

Wood Chipping Central Coast is provided and contracted by All Area Tree Service. This consists of 2 or 3 experienced workers feeding a (1800XL) 18 inch drum style Vermeer chipper fitted with hydraulic winch.

This chipper is charged at an hourly rate with a minimum 2.0 hour charge. Please contact us for an hourly rate. All Area Tree Service is known for their low prices for great service when doing tree removal on the Central Coast.

All Access Stump Grinding

Looking for a Stump Grinding Central Coast business? Or even one for Stump Removal Central Coast? Well All Area Tree Service have a variety of stump grinders to suit any job. No matter how big, small or difficult. We make sure all stumps are ground below ground level so they are out of sight. We usually grind stumps 100mm below ground level, but have provision to grind to a depth of approx 350mm below ground level. So you can have grass grow over ground area or if needed ground deeper and plants can be replanted in same area. Any form of stump grinding or tree removal Central Coast ... we can service you!

Emergency Tree Service & Insurance Claim Quotes

If you sustain storm damage from your trees All Area Tree Service can help you remove the damaged trees or limbs and debris quickly.  We can provide you with a tree service or removal quote for your insurance company to help expedite your claim.  All Area Tree Service also provide you with services such as tree removal, stump grinding, tree lopping, wood chipping and more! We work with you to restore your property's beauty as quickly as possible.

Crane Work

Cranes are generally used when dealing with large dangerous or awkward trees, or the situation does not allow removal by any other means. In using cranes and heavy machinery there is usually minimal impact on the surrounding property as the tree is lifted up and away, then lowered onto an area, often on the road close to the truck and chipper to be processed.

All Area Tree Service - Tree Removal, Tree Lopping, Block Clearing and Stump Removal Central Coast provides a wide range of Tree Removal & Wood chiping services to Gosford - Wyoming - Wyong Shire - Bateau Bay - Berkeley Vale - Fountaindale - Lisarow - Ourimbah - Peninsula and the surrounding areas, including Tree Lopping, Stump Grinding, Wood Chipping, Block Clearing, Land Clearing and Aborist Servers.