Arborist Central Coast

If you are on the Central Coast area and in need of tree removal services, then you have come to the right place. All Area Tree Removal provides fast and effective arborist services throughout the entire region, so you can count on us to provide full removal of any worrisome trees on your property.

We service residential as well as commercial properties, and we even have the equipment needed to serve rural locations. No matter where you need us, we will make the trip and help you remove any potentially dangerous trees from your home or business. You can rely on us to ensure your property and people are safe during the process.
Man Removing Tree — Tree Services on the Central Coast, NSW
Tree Removal — Tree Services on the Central Coast, NSW
Trunk of Tree and Excavator — Tree Services on the Central Coast, NSW
Our arborist team is licensed and trained to handle even the most challenging tree removal jobs. We have all the equipment needed to get into tight spaces, so we can handle even hard to access areas.


Our equipment includes:

  • Mitsubishi fighter chipper truck holds approx. 18 M3 of mulch AKA: MITZI
  • Isuzu FTS750 4x4 Hiab/chipper truck holds approx. 24 M3 of mulch AKA: CEASAR
  • 2 x Vermeer 1800XL chippers with winches
  • Vermeer tx800 skid steer loader
  • Vermeer tx60 stump grinder
  • Toro 6hp carry in stump grinder for tight access
  • Kubota KX91 excavator, buckets, grabs, hammer, augers & rake
  • Mitsubishi Triton 4x4 tipper ute
  • Full range of Stihl chainsaws, pole saws & hedgers
  • Full range of rigging/lowering & bull ropes
  • Climbing equipment SRT & DRT
Tree Removal — Tree Services on the Central Coast, NSW
We not only have the equipment to perform a proper tree removal, but we also have the tools needed for stump grinding, wood mulching, tree lopping and a wide range of other services.

You can rest assured that when you call on us, we can not only remove or prune limbs from your tree, but we can also remove the stump and leave your yard looking pristine when the job is complete. Our team is fully committed to offering top of the line service that you can count on.
Our team will take a personalised approach to your tree removal. We’ll assess the tree in question and help you determine that removal is the best option. If we determine that it is the case, then we will use the right equipment for the job to ensure optimum safety and effectiveness.


Q: For what reasons would a tree need to be removed?
A: Most trees that need to be removed are either damaged due to insects, weather or disease or causing a hazard in some way, such as a tree that is in poor health that is situated over utility lines or your home.
Q: Do all sick or damaged trees need to be removed?