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We can provide you with many services including tree removal, stump grinding, wood chipping and emergency services.

We can also provide residential services so that your home and garden have the plants you want for looks and style.

There are some great houseplants for your home so keep reading to find out what they are. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig

This happens to be the most popular houseplant in the entire world. They have large leaves and grows best in a bright, sunny spot.

Make sure it’s not in the sun all day and give it water only occasionally.

Too much sun and too much water can kill a fiddle leaf fig, but they’re pretty easy to take care of look great with many styles of decor. 

String of Pearls

This plant produces long tendrils that look wonderful falling from a high shelf in your home.

It’s a bit tricky to care of this plant, but it will be well worth the effort.

A string of pearls plant needs indirect sunlight and well-drained soil to thrive.

Use drainage holes in the soil and don’t water it too often. You can grow this plant in many kinds of pots and it will need a larger pot as it grows. 

Devil’s Ivy

It sounds scary, but it’s not. Devil’s ivy is an ideal addition to your indoor garden.

This plant is very hearty and easy to take care of, making it a terrific choice if you want a plant without too much work.

This plant does well in dark places as well as sunny spaces and it will continue to thrive anywhere as long as you keep it watered.

You can cut off some of the leaves and root them in water to make a new plant. 


This plant has large, beautiful leaves that make it a popular addition to any home.

It must be watered well with distilled water and needs to be fertilized regularly. You’ll need to prune dead leaves to keep the plant thriving.

You also need to find a good place in your home with light and humidity that encourages good growth.

Your bathroom is a great place to start. When the leaves are growing, you know you’ve found the right place for it. 

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